Beginnings- Through My Lens

“With all good stories there is a beginning. The beginning isn’t always the very beginning, it could just be where the story starts before it takes off”

Nothing is more rewards or therapeutic than going out on a photo journey.   Being able to express myself, tell my story without words, be as creative as I want, & show others how I see the world is amazing to me.  My journey started so long ago and has lead me to meet some amazing people & travel to beautiful remote places, I wouldn’t have seen otherwise.

There are a few fields in photography I love capturing, landscape & portraits are 2 of my favorites.  Landscapes can bring you to a place you have never been, allowing you to travel without leaving your home.  Portraits are powerful and amazing….telling a person’s story through images that highlights their personalities & showcases their uniqueness is something I absolutely love doing.

Lovin’ the NH Life 


A few years ago, I had to go back to work, which was fine, especially since I found a photography job.  But over time, I seemed to have lost my way,  my love for the craft, & my voice.  I’ve been concentrating so hard working for someone else, not being very creative (school day photography isn’t a very creative field), I forgot why I started my journey and what it has meant to me.  Sure, I’ve taken pics but it hasn’t been the same.  I seem to comparing myself more & more to other photographer, getting upset & depressed because my images aren’t comparing.  This alone will stifle, hinder any creativity.  In order to be successful at anything we do, we need to stop comparing ourselves, as it is the key to failure.

So here I am, making a place where I’m hoping to recenter myself, explore different avenues of photography, and find my voice that seemed to be lost in the chaos of life n work.  By restarting my blog, I’m hoping to rekindle the love, passion, fire, creativity that I once had & gain even more….gain my voice, insight, & a community of like-minded individuals.



Here’s to new adventures….



5 thoughts on “Beginnings- Through My Lens”

  1. Welcome and Congratulations fellow photographer. I’m looking forward to seeing your wonderful photos. I feel like every time I connect with another photographer I get to go on a wonderful journey to different parts of America and the world. My specialty is Street/Urban photography. My plan is to increase and continue to expand my photography and Mixed Media Picture/Photo Collages once I retire this year. As you know working does make a crimp in ones ability to go on extended photography travels but I do my best as New York City has some of the best photo ops in the world. Please feel free to visit my Photography Blog, Roaming Urban Gypsy for slices of the Big Apple aka New York City. God Bless!

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    1. Hi Dancingpalmtrees.
      I love connecting with other photographers, especially ones from other parts of the country, than me. I wished I could take images in NYC but unfortunately, it’s not that close to me.
      I too, feel like traveling ever time I look at photos from another part of the world. Which is why I love photography so much. I”m so glad we found one another and can’t wait to see the images you share. I’ll be visiting you soon. Thank you so much for stopping by, hoping to see more of you 🙂

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